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Office Management Assistant 2017

Courses organised by the GGSU for its members for the filling of vacancies in the grade of Office Management Assistant.

More detailed course materials will be posted here as and when available.

PLEASE Keep in touch.


Ministry of Civil Service Affairs and Administrative Reforms
Circular Letter no. 47 of 2017

Resources and Materials:

Amendments hav been made to Human Resource Management Manual (pdf format)

PSC Regulations
(pdf format)

Amendments have been made to as per Govt. Notice No. 177 of 2010 as follows
PSC Regulations (amendments)

(pdf format)

Financial Management Manual (pdf format)
Volumes (II, V and VI) are still applicable otherwise to consider

Financial Management Kit (link)
Where Volume I, III, IV, VII & VIII are updated therein.

Employment Relations (Amendment) 2013 Act

Employment Relations Act 2008
(Act No 32 of 2008)
(pdf format)

Employment Right (Amendments) 2013 Act

Employment Right Act 2008
(Act no 33 of 2008)

Occupational Safety and Health Act
(pdf format)

Volume 1: General Background & Related Issues & Conditions of Service

PRB: Addundum Report 2016


NOTE: The Resources and Materials are huge files and consume much time to download, particularly if you are using 512 kb or less download bandwidth. Other causes maybe lower memory (RAM) on computers.

Tips to help you download these Resource Documents:
1. Restart your computer at fresh.
2. Open your Internet and download your specific resource file only. (DO NOT OPEN ANY OTHER APPLICATIONS, such as Word, Skype and also do not surf the internet)
3. Download one file at a time.  Hopefully this must be ok.

To be able to read some the files in the pdf format, Adobe Reader is required, make sure the appropriate software is installed. If you not have Acobat reader on your computer click below to download the latest version
For downloading document pdf version, click here to download Acrobat Reader

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